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Information for patients who desire non-opioid options for treating their pain

If the medical condition causing your pain is stable, or if you are in the process of healing after an injury or surgery, then our program can help you to reduce your pain without drugs. 

Patients should consider these four areas when putting together a non-opioid treatment plan:

  • Regular therapy treatments. Massage therapy to work out tight, painful muscle knots, ultrasound or laser therapy to reduce inflammation and bring about healing to the deep tissues, and in some cases TENS therapy to provide analgesia throughout the day
  • Education and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. We have educational sessions that will give you the tools you need to fortify your mind against the onslaught of chronic pain
  • Alternative medications and nutraceuticals. As part of our educational program we will introduce you to some of the more effective alternatives to medications
  • Regular exercise
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