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Information for patients with Fibromyalgia

Living in Pain is not your only option.

Fibromyalgia is pain

Fibromyalgia is fatigue

Fibromyalgia is insomnia

Fibromyalgia is confusion

But even though we still don’t know what causes it, we are getting better at treating it. There is now more than just hope because we have treatments that actually work. No matter if you are just getting started in looking for treatment or if you think you have tried just about everything, Dr. Whiting and the team at Restored Horizons can help.

We utilize the following treatments:

•Massage Therapy

•Low Light Laser Therapy

•Therapeutic Ultrasound

•Myers IV Nutrients

•Traditional Medication

•Alternative Medications

• Nutraceutical Supplements

Paradoxically, opioids almost always make fibromyalgia worse. Therefore we offer treatment for Opioid Dependency: less opioid = less pain. Getting off of your pain medication can sound impossible, but the process is relatively straight forward and does not involve unpleasant withdrawal. Pain almost always improves if you are fully engaged in the other aspects of our treatment program.

The diagnosis of fibromyalgia is based upon clinical criteria. You can complete the questionnaire below to confirm your diagnosis:

Part 1: 

Taking into consideration how you have felt in the past week, and not considering symptoms from some other known cause, 

count up the body areas where you have pain:

Shoulder girdle, left

Shoulder girdle, right

Upper arm, left

Upper arm, right

Lower arm, left

Lower arm, right

Hip (buttock), left

Hip (buttock), right

Upper leg, left

Upper leg, right

Lower leg, left

Lower leg, right

Jaw, left

Jaw, right




Upper back

Lower back

Count the number of areas listed above where you have pain to give the score for Part 1: _____

Part 2A: 

Rate the following three symptoms 0 to 3

0 - absent, 1 - mild, 2 - moderate, 3 – severe


Waking Unrefreshed

Cognitive (thinking) problems

Add together the three numbers for the three symptoms above to find the score for Part 2A: _____

Part 2B: 

Make note of which of the following OTHER SYMPTOMS you have experienced over the past week:

Muscle pain, Irritable bowel syndrome, Fatigue/tiredness, Thinking or remembering problem, Muscle Weakness, Headache Pain/cramps in abdomen, Numbness/tingling, Dizziness, Insomnia, Depression, Constipation, Pain in upper abdomen, Nausea, Nervousness, Chest pain, Blurred vision, Fever, Diarrhea, Dry mouth, Itching, Wheezing, Raynaud’s, Hives/welts, Ringing in ears, Vomiting, Heartburn, Oral ulcers, Loss/change in taste, Seizures, Dry eyes, Shortness of breath, Loss of appetite, Rash, Sun sensitivity, Hearing difficulties, Easy bruising, Hair loss, Frequent urination, Painful urination, Bladder spasms

Scoring Part 2B: How many of the above symptoms did you count?

If 0 then Score 0

If 1 to 10 Circles, Score 1

If 11 to 24 Circles, Score 2

If 25 or more, Score 3

Score for Part 2B: _____

You likely have fibromyalgia if:

Part 1 score is 7 or more AND

Parts 2A and 2B added together are 5 or more

OR if:

Part 1 score is 3 or more AND

Parts 2A and 2B added together are 9 or more

Symptoms must have been present for at least three months and must not have another known cause to explain them.

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